August 18, 2022

Rob has an RX8, and his journey with it.

I’ve got the car home, and parked her, and I’m starting to think about what needs to be done.

The most obvious is the plastic trim on the side of the center console, as its worn AND it looks like it’s been repaired before. There’s some clear coat de-lamination starting at the boot, and a couple of REALLY minor dents – they should be fixable by the ‘Paintless Dent Removal’ guys.

The other thing to do is replace the Blue LED internal lights – some of them are flickering, and I noticed it was actually really hard to actually read stuff. So I’ll throw some white LED ones in to replace them.

I’ve already ordered a replacement Radio facia, as I can’t live without Google Auto and a proper hands-free kit! So that’s the first thing that’s happening. Now I just have to pick the head unit!


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