July 7, 2022

Rob has an RX8, and his journey with it.

It was almost a two-person job to open the fuel cap – one to pull the lever up, the other to wiggle the cover until it popped open. It also had a carbon-fibre looking wrap on it, which had warped and bubbled, so I decided to take it off. There was a fair bit of sticky residue left over, so I had to sit there and scrub away at it to get it off.

I also took the time to watch the 4th Episode of ‘Living with a Rotary‘, where they reassemble their RX8’s engine, which was good for the kids, as they could then see how wildly different the rotary engine is to a normal Otto cycle!

I’ve re-aligned the filler, and I’ll grab some black matte wrap to replace the carbon fibre looking stuff that was there. Or, I may replace it with Carbon Fibre-looking stuff again. I didn’t mind the look of it… Hmm. Decisions!


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