July 7, 2022

Rob has an RX8, and his journey with it.

After I came home from buying the new head unit (at about 10am), I took a photo of the car (just to keep track of the narrative of the car, and for future reference). Here’s that photo. (Link to HQ Original)

That LOOKS ok, right?

I went inside, and started to do some work, and at about 5, a friend dropped over and said ‘What happened to your car?’. I had no idea what he was talking about, so I went and had a look.

Scratches. Everywhere.

It looks like someone at Supercheap had dragged a trolley against the car, cutting all the way through the paint! I immediately though that someone had done this after the car was parked in my driveway, but, if you look at the 10am photo, you can see the scratches were there then. As they weren’t in the sun, you just can’t see them easily. Zoom in, and you’ll see they’re there. *sadface*.

I asked around for suggestions on who could fix this, and it turns out that everyone was saying it needed a proper paint job, and it couldn’t be ‘touch-up’ed. So, off I went to the smash repairs, and they noticed a bunch more. You’ll see there are three sections marked ‘old’, which I told them I was planning on getting a “paintless dent removal” place to fix. But everything else was done by whoever, or whatever, scratched the car.

I REALLY didn’t want to get the car painted at this stage. I want to get the tint removed, and I was also thinking about removing the door handles totally – which will require some custom panel work as well as a repaint.

I’ll chat to RACQ and see what they suggest. Maybe we can do a temporary fix to stop the door from rusting, and then I’ll move the ‘remove door handles’ project up the priority list.


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